Playing Since November 2013
Status IC
Number of Completed Games 16
Number of Modded Games 1
Game Record 11-5

abean077's first game was Game 98, Chess Mafia, in which he was a jailkeeper and killed N1, establishing a trend.

Past Games Edit

Completed GamesEdit

These are games in which abean077 has participated as a player and thoroughly completed.

Game Name End Date Role Fate Result Notes
Mafia Game 98: Chess Mafa May 1st, 2014 Jailkeeper (rook) Killed N1 Town win This was his first game, in which the chess mechanic was interesting, but he was too awesome at mafia so he was killed off.
Mafia Game 101 (Newbie Game 29) April 15th, 2014 Mafia Goon Lynched D3 Town win First game as mafia, in which inactivity ran rampant, including his scumbuddy, hodori01. He tried to get everyone inactive by killing off the inactives, but was interrogated and lynched by jeremylu.
Mafia Game 107 (Newbie Game 33) March 14, 2015 Vanilla Townie Killed N1 Mafia win Abean wasn't really very invested in this game.
Mafia Game 109 (Harry Potter Mafia) May 16, 2015 Vanilla Townie Killed N1 Town win This game had a very interesting setup, in which there were no power roles, only "objects" that could be used and passed around. Abean got a potion-cancelling object, which unfortunately did not protect its recipient from death, as he found out when its recipient and he died at the same time. (replaced in during D1)
Mafia Game 113 (Newbie Game 38( September 9, 2015 Vanilla Townie Lynched D1 Mafia win Went waaaay on tilt.
Mafia Game 114 (Code Geass Mafia) Janurary 16, 2016 Mafia Goon Survived to Endgame (D7) Joint Mafia/C.C. win This game had some seriously unorthodox roles involved. Town was completely destroyed by inactivity and lack of will, as even though the scum had completely shown who they were and everyone found them scummy, none were lynched, and instead, only 3 people were killed in the 7 lynches town had available, all of them town. Even a stellar night game couldn't save town, as even though a cop had gotten a guilty result on by far the most important mafia member (who had the ability to steal votes, giving an extra vote to the mafia side, and the fact that he was alive meant a third-party role was on the mafia side as well), but never claimed it. In addition, a town vote-stealing role was very good in targeting, hitting Mafia almost every night, and hitting the most important Mafia member once, getting three votes total, but this did not end up figuring importantly.
Mafia Game 120: Math Camp Mafia August 16, 2016 Vanilla Townie (Normal Math Camp Goer) Killed N5 Town win One-shot BP Masons were pretty trolly. Replaced in right at the beginning of D4.
Mafia Game 122 (Newbie Game 44): The Wizard of Oz June 16, 2016 Vanilla Townie Survived to Endgame (D4) Town win A late replace-in (D3) limited the effect he could have on this game, but he did notice that a doctor claim would likely win the game.
Mafia Game 124 (Newbie Game 46) August 21, 2016 Vanilla Townie (Normal Camper) Killed N3 Mafia win Town would've won if flyrain had hammered at LYLO.
Mafia Game 127 (Mentor Mafia) September 15, 2016 Mentor of a Mafia Goon Survived to endgame (D3) Mafia win Hilariously shifty last day.
Mafia Game 130 (Duct Tape Mafia) November 21, 2016 Mafia Goon Survived to endgame (D5) Mafia win The situation looked very good for town after N1 and N2. The Lyncher had been modkilled D1, before the Godfather had posted at all, so the Godfather was shot by the Vig N1. The Insane Cop investigated the player who died and deduced her sanity N1 as well, for a total for town of an Innocent Child, two Cops, a Doctor, and a Vigilante, while Mafia had lost their Godfather, and forgot to submit their kill N2. During N2, both cops investigated the Roleblocker, jonyj, and one claimed (but didn't give his D1 result). But he claimed Miller, and with the backup of abean and relay (the Innocent Child), survived to endgame. The second cop (who was still undercover) investigated abean N3, but was tragically killed. During D4, abean said some clear BS, and town forgot it was MYLO and lanshus, town Doctor, got quicklynched.
Mafia Game 132 (Election Mafia April 27, 2017 Arkansas, Town Jailkeeper Killed N4 Blue Mafia win Almost won the game through a massclaim, but wasn't paying attention to deadlines and forgot to say who he would jailkeep and missed town out on a conftown.
Mafia Game 136 (Generic Village Mafia) May 3, 2017 Mafia Goon Survived to endgame (N3) Mafia win Mostly stayed under the radar until D3 LYLO, when SB claimed 1-shot Cop, and had investigated alifenix- scum, at which point he began defending both of his scumbuddies and attacking all of the townies (except for the Innocent Child). Quicklynch at a 3-scum LYLO won the game, because summitsun voted SFGiantsFan, and abean had already voted SFGiantsFan, letting alifenix- and GeneralCobra19 coordinate for the perfect win.
Mafia Game 137 (Newbie Game 52) April 19, 2017 Mafia Goon Survived to endgame (N3) Mafia win Was kinda unscrupulous, quickhammering pandabear during RVS D1, and night-killing zmann27 N1, leaving himself as the only living experienced player. Coasted through D2 as one of the more scummy players (but nobody had the gumption to lynch him), and then alifenix- replaced in D3. Due to miscommunication, she was not night-killed like abean planned, and instead went on to almost lynch abean, only for the lynch to be averted, going to vishwathganesan at the last second.
Mafia Game 139 (And Then There Were None Mafia) June 22, 2017 Vanilla Townie Daykilled D2 Town win This game was town vs 1-shot Deathprooof Serial Killer Roleblocker. People got daykilled in a predetermined order, as well, hence why abean died.
Mafia Game 141 (LOTR Mafia) June 28, 2017 Town Vigilante (couldn't kill if targeted) Survived to endgame (D4) Town win Everybody in this game was a PR, so his restriction was actually much more severe than it seemed. His kill failed both N1 and N2 (it would have been on the Serial Killer and a Mafia Goon respectively), and only succeeded N3, when he killed the Town Mayor. Not much scumhunting really happened this game: basically he just killed off the inactives. Town lynched in much the same fashion.
Mafia Game 143 (Xenoblade Chronicles Mafia) ongoing ongoing ongoing ongoing ongoing
Mafia Game 145 (Starcraft Mafia) ongoing ongoing ongoing ongoing ongoing