Rules Edit

When playing a game like mafia, an important thing to note is your win condition (sometimes shorted to win-con). A townie wants to eliminate all the mafia from the game, and the mafia want to eliminate all the townies to win. There are more townies than mafia, however, the mafia know who the other mafia are, while the townies do not know any other players’ roles.

In a mafia game, there are two phases: day and night. During the day, players may post, discuss, and try to find and ‘lynch’ the mafia. A lynch is reached by a majority vote. During the day, a player may vote for another player. If at any point a player has more than half the votes, they are lynched. Their role is revealed, and the game enters a night phase. In addition, the player dies, that is, they are eliminated and may no longer participate. Alternatively, if at least half of the players vote for a No-Lynch (meaning the players do not want to lynch), then the day will end with no one dying, and then the game enters a night phase.

The night phase is a shorter, but equally important phase of the game. During night, no one can post other than the mod. Doing so usually will result in a warning. However, the mafia may communicate with each other in their private QuickTopic. Only the mafia have access to the QuickTopic. In addition, some players will have actions they can take during night. The mafia may kill one player each night (but only one, regardless of how many mafia are left), and some town players may have special night actions. After the night ends, the player killed by the mafia has their role revealed and is eliminated from the game, unless something interferes. The game then goes back to Day.

If all the mafia have been lynched by the town at any point, then the town win. (In more complicated games, there may also be other factions like Serial Killer that the town must lynch, however, in Newbie games, the only enemy faction is the Mafia.) However, if the Mafia control at least one-half or more of the town, then the mafia win, as there is no way for the town to prevent Mafia from voting No-Lynch and then killing town in the night. Thus, the mafia do not want to get lynched, but neither do the town.

Other Rules Edit

There are certain rules to the game that must be followed. If a rule is violated, the player found to have violated the rule will receive a warning or, in serious cases, a modkill or force-replacement. Once a player reaches three warnings, they will be modkilled or force-replaced. A modkill ends the day as well as kills the player in violation of the rules, it is effectively a forced lynch.

Important rules that apply to any game, Newbie or not, are that you should not discuss the game out of thread, quote mod PMs, edit or delete posts, or make personal attacks against other players. Each mod usually has their own ruleset, many of which are based off a template. Depending on your mod, there will be other rules, such as not posting in certain colors, not using inappropriate language, and confirming into the game. Regardless of who your mod is, you should read all the rules (and the entire opening post). There will usually be a confirm rule so the mods know you have read the rules.

Activity Edit

In a game like Mafia where the game is largely based on discussion (if not entirely), making sure all players are active is very important. If a player is inactive, they will probably be replaced sooner rather than later. Don’t let that player be you. Usually after a couple of days you’ll get an in-game prod. After another 3 or so days you’ll get a PM prod, and if you don’t post in-thread within the next couple of days, you’ll get replaced. Some mods will also replace you for getting too many PM prods. However, try not to get PM prodded in any case. A good rule of thumb is to post whenever you have something good to contribute to the discussion. If you don’t have much to contribute, then you should reread the game and try to get some new opinions. However, be sure to post.

Your First Game Edit

Before The Game Edit

One big thing to note before the game -- Don’t post in any threads that start with ‘Mafia Game x’ in the title, where x is a number. This can result in forum level warnings. Instead, post [b]/join newbie[/b] in the Mafia Signups thread (note: the thread is an announcement). You will eventually receive a PM from the mod of a newbie game, and being able to quickly respond to this PM is critical to getting a spot in a game. Be sure to be online at least once every two days in case another newbie game starts. Once you receive this PM, be sure to reply to it. You should be able to get your spot. The game thread will eventually be posted. Once the mod posts and sends you your Role PM, the game has begun.

Side note: It’s also worth your time to keep an eye on the Replacements thread. This can get you into a newbie game faster if a slot opens up, although it can dump you into mid-game, so be sure to read the entire game after replacing in. Also, it is worth looking to see how many posts have been made, and if it's over 500 or so, it might not be a good place for you to start for your first game, as replacements will be expected to read all the posts.

During the Game Edit

You will receive your role PM. This signals the start of the game for you, once the mod says you can post. Your PM also informs you whether you are scum or town, as well as whether or not you have a power role.

Day 1 usually starts with RVS, or Random Voting Stage. This is when players all vote for each other for random reasons, to try and produce a reaction from a player after they are voted for. If a player reacts abnormally, this can sometimes signal that they are mafia. During RVS there is also an RQS, or Random Question Stage. This is a collection of random questions in a list, ranging from ‘are you scum?’ to ‘who do you want to punch in the face?’. This is also used to try and find scum if there are any abnormal responses. RVS usually ends once something scummy is spotted or the end of D1 is near, or sooner if zmann27 is playing. Once RVS happens, people will usually vote for one person, getting them lynched.

Night 1 is usually uneventful unless you are playing as a power role or as Mafia. However, the thread will be silenced during Night, as you may not post during night.

Day 2, and all subsequent days, then start out with the announcement of the role of the player that died the night before, if any. This is followed by close to three weeks of discussing who the mafia are, analyzing previous posts, and sometimes voting. There are far fewer votes than RVS, and also the discussion is a lot more serious. Attacks usually occur here a lot. The main goal is to effectively find scum, and the reasons for lynching players as the days go on become much stronger. Lynches will usually be towards the latter end of the three-week Day in order to maximize discussion time.

Eventually, there are a couple possible outcomes. One is if you die an untimely death, in which case you may no longer participate until postgame. The other option is if you end up in an endgame scenario. There are 2 endgame scenarios -- MyLo and LyLo. MyLo stands for Mislynch-and-Lose, and LyLo stands for Lynch (correctly!) or Lose. MyLo happens when the number of mafia is two less than the number of town (as a mislynch and a night kill would bring the number of players in each faction equal, resulting in a win for the Mafia), and LyLo happens when the number of mafia is one less than the number of town (as a No Lynch results in a night kill for a mafia win, and a mislynch gives mafia half-majority). In MyLo, the traditionally accepted method is to discuss for the entire 3 weeks and then let no lynch occur, reducing the game to LyLo the next day. This is usually carried out unless there are other incriminating results that win the game for town (see Mafia Game 121). At LyLo, scumhunting becomes more intense and the pressure is on. At LyLo, it’s often good to not vote until you are absolutely sure someone is scum or the deadline is coming up soon (within 3 days or so), because one mis-vote for town allows the remaining scum (1 or 2) to vote for that same player, and thus win the game as the scum plus the one town who mis-voted makes up majority. In addition, scumhunting is more intense as the pressure to lynch scum is on.

After the Game Edit

There are several possible outcomes to what could have happened in the game.

Firstly, if you were lynched, think about what you could have improved on, so that you can perform better in the next game. As mafia, you should think about how to hide better so that town doesn’t lynch you, and as town, you should think about how to defend yourself against attacks.

If you were night killed as town, congratulations! It means that you presented a big enough threat to the mafia, which is a compliment to your scumhunting skills. Keep it up!

If you won the game and survived, great job!

Lastly, if you were endgamed, that is, survived as town when the number of mafia is more than or equal to the number of town, think about how you could have improved on your scumhunting, especially on your play at LyLo.

Once the final death is posted, the thread is opened up and all players can post, even the dead ones, non-players, and players who were replaced. This postgame is usually a good time for the players to react and get feedback on your play, which is especially important if you were lynched or endgamed. This is less stressful, and sometimes even spectators will comment on the game. Participation in the postgame talk is recommended.

Theory Edit

Setup Edit

The setup for all Newbie Games is known as the Matrix6 setup. It is a semi-open setup, which means that there is a limited list of role combinations that can be used for the game, but which combination is chosen is not known to the players.

The six combinations in the Matrix6 setup are as follows:

  1. Town Jailkeeper, 1-Shot Bulletproof Townie, Mafia Roleblocker, Mafia Goon, 5 Vanilla Townies
  2. Town Cop, 2 Mafia Goons, 6 Vanilla Townies
  3. Town Doctor, Town Tracker, 2 Mafia Goons, 5 Vanilla Townies
  4. Town Jailkeeper, 2 Mafia Goons, 6 Vanilla Townies
  5. Town Cop, Town Doctor, Mafia Roleblocker, Mafia Goon, 5 Vanilla Townies
  6. Town Tracker, 1-Shot Bulletproof Townie, 2 Mafia Goons, 5 Vanilla Townies

Note that every power role, including Mafia Roleblocker appears exactly twice, so that from any one role PM it is impossible to fully determine the setup of the game.

Explanations of Roles Edit

Town Jailkeeper: Can target one player each night. That player cannot take any actions that night (such as kill, track, etc.), however, they also cannot be night killed. This only takes effect if the Jailkeeper is not roleblocked. Town-aligned.

Town Cop: Can target one player each night. They will be told the faction of that player (Mafia or Town) unless roleblocked. Town-aligned.

Town Doctor: Can target one player each night. That player is immune to night kills that night unless the doctor is roleblocked. Town-aligned.

1-Shot Bulletproof Townie: The first time this player is targeted for a night kill, they will instead survive. Cannot be roleblocked. Town-aligned.

Town Tracker: Can target one player each night. They will be told of any players that their target took an action on that night. Town-aligned. Note that this role cannot be roleblocked in a newbie game because it is not in a setup with a Mafia Roleblocker or Town Jailkeeper.

Vanilla Townie: Has no night abilities, but during day has their voice and their vote to try and lynch scum. Town-aligned.

Mafia Roleblocker: Knows who the other mafia player is. Can communicate with the other mafia player each night. The two mafia share a kill each night. In addition, the roleblocker may roleblock one player each night, preventing them targeting a player and taking their action. Wins when mafia control 50% or more of town. Mafia-aligned.

Mafia Goon: Knows who the other mafia player is. Can communicate with the other mafia player at night. The two mafia share a kill each night. Wins when mafia control 50% or more of town. Mafia-aligned.

Note that if the Mafia Roleblocker and Town Jailkeeper block each other, the Mafia Roleblocker’s Roleblock action is processed first. This is only relevant if the Mafia Roleblocker submitted the kill.

Theory Tips Edit

This section contains playing tips that are generally agreed upon by the Mafia community and have been proven theoretically sound.

  • Always lynch except at MyLo. There are 9 players, so town can afford 2 mislynches before LyLo. However, if town no lynches, then the scum get 2 consecutive kills, which is equivalent to a mislynch but worse, because it is controlled by scum.
  • Do not lynch at MyLo. A No Lynch at MyLo usually brings you to LyLo, where there is one less town and one less possible mislynch. Thus, you have a higher probability of hitting scum at LyLo.
  • Don’t unnecessarily roleclaim if you are a Town Power Role. This just makes you a kill target.
  • That said, DO roleclaim if you’re a Town Power Role and are about to get lynched. You prevent town from wasting a lynch on you, as you are now confirmed as town.
  • It is also recommended for any Town Power Roles to roleclaim at LyLo, reducing the amount of lynch candidates.
  • As a claimed Power Role, say who you targeted each night, and any results if applicable. Give the information to your fellow town.
  • Make sure to stay active. This one is just common sense. It is sometimes unbelievable how many people sign up for a game and then their activity just dies, requiring a replacement which is a hassle for everyone.

Playing Tips Edit

There are a few major things to keep in mind while playing Mafia.

First off, you should always be trying to help find scum and contribute to town. I can’t stress this enough.

Second of all, don’t be scared if you’re attacked. Everyone gets attacked now and then.

Third, be active. Don’t get replaced or else you’ll have to go through the queue again, making you wait even longer.

Fourth, don’t be scared to attack people, no matter who they are. An IC can also be a mafia member, believe it or not. However, if you do attack someone, be sure to find evidence that shows they’re scummy.

Fifth, there is always another game after this one. Don’t just resign yourself and quit if you’re attacked too harshly. Just try to learn from this game and then move on.

Sixth, be sure to read past games. This can help immensely if a good game is chosen. I recommend games such as 116 and 124.

And last but not least, keep trying. Never give up. And have fun.

Tips from Experienced Players Edit

These are playing tips from SE/IC players in the forum.

pandabear10's Tips Edit

I am a current SE in the Mafia! forum. I have played in several games and modded a few games.

  • Longer, more contentful posts that take longer are better than shorter, less contentful posts that are more frequent. Especially if you're crunched for time, you can post only once or twice a day and still be fine, given you're being helpful.
  • Always remember to declare your V/LA's (Vacation or Long Absence). In one of the games I modded, a town player forgot to declare a V/LA in LyLo situation, rendering town unable to lynch, handing the Mafia to win.
  • Try to avoid WIFOM (Wine in Front of Me) at all costs. WIFOM is basically circular reasoning. Generally, this is unhelpful to town, and, if not spotted in bad cases, can set the entirety of the town arguing over something inconsequential/unhelpful. Alternatively, if I'm playing, I'll just shout 'WHERE. IS. YOUR. EVIDENCE.' at you.