Mafia Game 396: Weird Role Mafia
Quick Info
Game Type BM
Setup Bunch of weird roles
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) Default
Start Date April 17, 1982
End Date July 1, 2176
Completion Status Survivor wins

Game Summary Edit

Write a concise, comprehensive, unbiased (wiki-like) summary of what happened during the game, touching on each of the major events each day/night.

Players Edit

Insert an bulleted list of players in the game, their role, and their fate (if they survived until endgame, write "survived"). Order the list by time of death. Use red to represent mafia, green to represent town, and purple to represent third party. Example (roles are not realistic setup, for the sake of syntax):

  • mafiaPlayer, Vanilla Townie, lynched D1
  • anotherPlayer, Cop, killed N1
  • NotMafia, Mafia Goon, lynched D2
  • iminnocent, Beloved Princess, killed N2
  • forGlory, Doctor, survived
  • dontCutMeO, Mafia Godfather, survived
  • Leedle, Survivor, survived

Major Events Edit

List mechanical events such as lynches and night actions here.

Notes Edit

Insert here anything interesting that happened in the game (interesting mechanics etc.), an award it won, etc. Not all games will have notes.