jonyj1005 only has two philosophies: 1. Overdefensiveness is not scumtell 2. If you don't look at the defenses of the person you're attacking, you're an idiot. If you don't violate these two philosophies, you'll get along very well with jonyj1005.

Playing Since Some Random Date in 2015
Status SE
Number of Completed Games 3
Number of Modded Games 1
Game Record 2-1
Quotable "Overdefensiveness is not scummy"

Completed Games Edit

Game Name Role Fate Result Notes
Mafia Game 111 Mafia Goon Survived Scum Win First game. After making a ton of newbie blunders in the first day, I finally got a sort of grasp on the game of mafia and won the game.
Mafia Game 125 Gunsmith Survived Town


RTG called me the second best player in the game (besides himself) and I was one job away from winning the game.
Mafia Game 126 Mafia Goon Survived Scum Win No one suspected me as scum and no one suspected my partner (Nike) as scum. Perfect win for us.