knittingfrenzy18 (Red)
Playing Since March 2013
Status SE (November 20, 2014)
Number of Completed Games 8
Number of Modded Games 2

knittingfrenzy18 has played Mafia with AoPS since 2013. She usually goes by the nickname Red.

Past GamesEdit

Completed GamesEdit

These are games in which knittingfrenzy18 has participated as a player and thoroughly completed.

Game Name End Date Role Fate Result Notes
Mafia Game 90 April 1, 2013 Mafia Goon Lynched D3 Town win First scum play; I used too much WIFOM, which caused the cop to inspect me and seal my fate.
Mafia Game 89 June 22, 2013 Jester Failed to reach wincon Town win By the last day, there was one mafia left who I had identified, and I had been confirmed jester. I thought that it was hopeless, I couldn't be lynched now, but I failed to see that since I knew who the last mafioso was, I could cooperate with them to kill the rest of the town and then he would be forced to lynch me to win himself, reaching my wincon. Instead, I gamethrew and passed on my evidence for that player being scum to town.
Mafia Game 93 August 15, 2013 Mafia Rolecop Survived Mafia win I got engaged in a cop cc Day 1, but somehow managed to be convincing enough. Eliminated the vigilante Night 2, and continued on to a perfect win when town deteriorated into inactivity, which could not find my partners either.
Mafia Game 98 May 1, 2014 Mason (White Queen) Killed N2 Town win Got too involved in an argument not about me Day 1, then proceeded to just get scummier Day 2. Somehow I was killed anyway, which made me sore, but had I not died, bestwillcui1's discernment in LYLO might have been marred.
Mafia Game 101 April 15, 2014 Vanilla Townie Survived Town win One goon quickly came under suspicion Day 1, but I thought it was just VI and didn't agree. After a NL, Night 1 loss, town managed to lynch said goon Day 2. I came under suspicion for being scum myself on Day 2. On Day 3, I sort of dragged half-inactive town through a lynch on another of my suspicions, who turned out to be the other goon.
Mafia Game 105 November 18, 2014 Mason Killed N3 Mafia win By the end of Day 3, I was left without any other strong town voices to help me, and one of the mafia performed a massive distracting act over my attempts to attack someone who turned out to be another mafia. I was killed for these suspicions, which also destroyed the LYLO roleclaim.
Mafia Game 109 May 16, 2015 Vanilla Townie Killed N1 Town win Got tangled in arguments with a mafia Day 1, him getting loudly defensive when I announced he was my vote for the lynch. Rushed through my Night 1 actions, which rashly set me up for a bad future. Both fortunately and unfortunately, I got killed Night 1, which eventually got the player I had suspected lynched (he was mafia). The extent of my contribution was getting that player killed; had I continued, I would have most likely had large holes to dig myself out of. I spectated the game closely after my death.
Mafia Game 110 June 12, 2015 Vanilla Townie Killed N4 Mafia win Played inaccurately and unsoundly for the first two days, and then resurfaced with new attacks on one of the mafia. My arguments were poorly supported though, and thus through multiple attempts, easily shot down/ignored by the mafia and failed to convince the town. After just beginning to suspect the second mafia, and because of the pool of town left that mafia was setting up for LYLO, I was killed N4 and a newbie town was easily overpowered in the last day.
Mafia Game 112 August 19, 2015 Vanilla Townie Survived (Lost D3) Mafia win I did nothing until the last day when it was LYLO, and then decided to train on one person and get them. Unfortunately, he in turn tried to get me and we were both town, and town lost.
Mafia Game 115 December 15, 2015 Vanilla Townie Killed N3 Mafia win Another game muddled with inactivity, it was hard to ever get on a good lead, especially with a BP roleclaim in the middle. After eventually deciding to follow a false suspicion, I was killed before I could take any action.

Modded GamesEdit

These are games in which knittingfrenzy18 has either helped to moderate or comoderate.

Game Name End Date Role Result Notes
Mafia Game 94 (second incarnation) September 21, 2013 Comoderator Player abandoned I didn't comod very aggressively, mostly since night actions were not sent to me.
Mafia Game 111 July 25, 2015 Moderator Mafia win I tried to rebel against the current tightness of the society by with a more simple and intuitive modding style. The game ran smoothly and turned out pretty successful. I also wrote some pretty wonky and weird flavor.

Negligible GamesEdit

These are games in which knittingfrenzy18 has participated, to a degree which it cannot be counted as a "completed game".

Game Name End Date Role Fate Result Notes
Mafia Game 88 March 15, 2013 ?? Survived Shut down The infamous example of why not just anybody can mod. The moderator made the game as crazy as possible, giving people strange, OPed, and doubled/always switching roles, and even tried to participate in the game himself as a player.
Mafia Game 86 June 8, 2013 Vanilla Townie Survived Mafia win Replaced in at the last seconds for literally the last votes of the last day. Did not make any meaningful contributions to the game.
Mafia Game 94 (first incarnation) July 31, 2013 Red Sox ?? Survived Mod abandoned The moderator was being as screwy/BM as possible, and so much WIFOM about teams was flying around that I couldn't keep up with being equally reverse-psychology-ish.
Mafia Game 114 In Progress Replaced I couldn't keep up with a high volume of reading and thus asked for my first ever replacement.