Player Name Status Started Playing Last Completed Game Last Modded Game Notes
NeilOnnsu IC September 2011 Mafia Game 110 Mafia Game 109 NeilOnnsu has been playing Mafia on AoPS for a very long time.
knittingfrenzy18 IC March 2013 Mafia Game 115 Mafia Game 117 knittingfrenzy18 has played Mafia with AoPS since 2013. She usually goes by the nickname Red.
fdas IC September 2013 Mafia Game 126 Mafia Game 131 fdas started off his career with 3 losses, but his game has surely improved since then.
fz0718 IC September 2013 Mafia Game 112 Mafia Game 113 fz0718 is an IC, not the best player, but always tries to be logical and open-minded.
abean077 IC November 2013 Mafia Game 136 Mafia Game 128 abean077's first game was Game 98, Chess Mafia, in which he was a jailkeeper and killed N1, establishing a trend. As scum, he drags the level of play of the whole game down.
RTG IC June 2014 Mafia Game 125 Mafia Game 126 RTG replaced into 102 as his first game in 2014. He usually is an active Mafia player.
phi_ftw1618 SE November (?) 2015 Mafia Game 131 Mafia Game 129 phi_ftw1618 is a good scum player and a trash town player. :P


IC December 1942 Mafia Game 126 Mafia Game 127 "If you don't look at the defenses when attacking, you're an idiot."


SE December 2016 Mafia Game 143 Mafia Game 142 SE in his case stands for Sucky Eggplant
relay400 Newbie July 2015 Mafia Game 122 Co-modding Mafia Game 125 relay400 is very enthusiastic about mafia, he makes sure that he is always on the co-mod and newbie second-time queue. He loves to RC, don't ask him about it, you might be knocked over.
GeneralCobra19 Newbie Sometime in 2016 Mafia Game 136 Co-modded 132, trying to co-mod 142 So far, he has a record of getting lynched or modkilled in EACH game he was in, except 136. (he finished seven)
Thundius Newbie Nov 3, 2016, 18:21 Eastern US Coast Time Mafia Game 131 Modding? I've done one (newbie) game! Every time he has been a power role (once) he has always been roleblocked.
zmann27 IC March 26, 2015 Mafia Game 129 Mafia Game 123 (modding an ongoing one) zmann27 is always town, and has a habit of being rather aggressive, making long posts, and only sometimes being right.