Rules by apple.singer

Hello Mafia Players,

These are the rules that are currently being used for the AoPS Mafia! forum.

Rules for SE/IC: Edit

1) Any player with 3 or more games completed can apply to be an SE. Success is decided upon by forum mods and, to a lesser degree, the Mafia community.

2) Any SE with 5 or more games completed can apply to be an IC. Success is decided upon by forum mods, and to a lesser degree, the Mafia community. Note the success rate will be lower, as IC is much more meaningful of a title than SE.

3) Anyone who is not an SE or an IC will be referred to as a newbie, regardless of how many games they have completed.

Note: The terms "newbie", "SE", and "IC" should not be used in any manner for determining sign-up lists of non-newbie games (unlike the typical 6-2-1 arrangement in newbie games) but should be kept in mind due to the game limit: see Rules for Game Players below.

Definition of a Completed Game: Edit

A game is considered "completed" by a player if:

1) The player is not replaced until the end of the game.

2) The player does not partake in activities/playstyles such as game-throwing, excessive fluff, etc.

3) The game is not player-abandoned.

Mod-abandoned games and replace-ins will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis. If you replace in early in a game, you will likely be considered as completing the game. (Example: me (apple.singer), in Mafia Game 57) If you replace late in the game, you will likely NOT be considered as completing the game. (No examples, but I'm sure you can find them) Mod-abandoned games in late-game states will likely be considered completed, mod-abandoned games in early-game states will likely NOT be considered completed BUT the game should be restarted with the same players and a better mod.

Note: "games completed" do not necessarily have to be on AoPS.  If you send us (the moderators) a link to a forum (NOT chat or chat-style) game you have completed (such as one on mafiascum), and we see that your play is up to standards, that will count as a game completed.  However, we would like to see you play in AoPS before granting SE/IC status.

Rules for Game Players: Edit

1) A newbie with 0 completed games can only play in 1 game. That game must be a newbie game.

2) A newbie with 1 completed game can only play in 2 games: one newbie and one regular. If he/she only wants to play in one game, it can be any game.

3) A newbie with 2 or more completed games can play in any 2 games, but only 2 games.

4) A newbie cannot be in more than 1 newbie game at a time. This is designed to increase opportunities for newer players to play more often.

5) An SE can play in 3 games at once.

6) An IC can play in 4 games at once.

Rules for Game Mods/Comods: Edit

1) All game mods must be SEs or ICs that have previously comodded a game.

2) All game comods must have at least 2 completed games.

3) If you mod-abandon a game or mod an unsuccessful game, you may not mod another game until you have successfully (actively, correctly, efficiently) comodded another game.

These rules will be edited/updated/added to if necessary.