Mafia Game 101 (Newbie Game 29)
Quick Info
Game Type Newbie
Setup Matrix 6
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) willwang123
Start Date February 12, 2014
End Date April 15, 2014
Completion Status Town win

Game Summary Edit

Town wins.

Players Edit

hodori01 - Mafia Goon (lynched D2)

abean077 - Mafia Goon (lynched D3)

username42 bobjoe12345 jeremylu - Jailkeeper (survived)

NeilOnnsu - Vanilla Townie (survived)

xantho - Vanilla Townie (survived)

musicnmath bestwillcui1 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

ChipDale speck - Vanilla Townie (killed N1 by Mafia)

knittingfrenzy18 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

sh4931 irishfeet123 (survived)

Major Events Edit

Night 1 Actions Edit

jeremylu jailkeeps hodori01.

abean077 kills speck.

Result: speck dies.

Night 2 Actions Edit

jeremylu jailkeeps abean077.

abean077 kills bestwillcui1.

Result: N/A

Notes Edit

This game was ridden by inactivity, no contributing, and requesting to be replaced. abean077 didn't want all the posts to be activity posts, so he kept the contributors around while he tried to get rid of the inactives, which ultimately backfired on him.