Mafia Game 102: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Quick Info
Game Type Mini
Setup C9++, CDVVBTT
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) NeilOnnsu/WolfOfAtlantis
Start Date April 17, 2014
End Date July 4, 2014
Completion Status Town win

Game SummaryEdit

In the beginning, flyrain failed to read the rules correctly despite claiming he had read them several times. His failure to confirm caused everyone to vote him in RVS. He threatened to roleclaim. This caused additional pressure to be put on him. People then proceeded to attack jeremylu for being too aggressive. Dragon55 unvoted flyrain and gerenjie voted flyrain putting flyrain at L-2. flyrain then claimed to have been "reaction testing" to explain his behaviour. fdas made a long post analysis on flyrain (he quoted every post and comment on each analysis). fdas pulled a 180 and voted flyrain despite earlier comments that flyrain was being his usual newbie self. fdas somewhat makes a reaction test and says that flyrain is mafia. Flyrain then says he will gamethrow at the deadline. Flyrain is lynched and turns out to be a 1-shot cop.

Overnight, gerenjie (Mafia Godfather) and bob12345678 (vanilla townie) were killed.

Night 1 discussion began and genesis2 claimed that you should lynch the experienced people because it is very likely that at least 1 of them is scum. fdas pointed out why this is bad reasoning. genesis2 was attacking FlakeLCR all of day 1 and he continued with this attack for the rest of day 2. iPro found some evidence against fdas and decided to attack him, but this argument quickly degenerated into personal attacks, so it was broken off soon after. Everyone believed that genesis2 was correct with his read on FlakeLCR. fdas was then accused of buddying with FlakeLCR and then accused of being overdefensive. Town decided to lynch FlakeLCR who was a Vanilla Townie.

Overnight, genesis2 (Vanilla Townie) and jeremylu (Vanilla Townie) were killed.

metboom was replaced by abean077 who was promptly replaced after a regular day for OOT (Out of Topic) discussion. RTG, the replacement, came in and lead a mass roleclaim. He claimed Vanilla Townie, iPro claimed vigilante. fdas believed that iPro was the Serial Killer. Town followed along in the attacks that RTG and iPro laid on fdas and he was lynched. He was a mafia goon and town decided that iPro would kill bestwillcui1 during the night.

Thus, bestwillcui1 (Vanilla Townie) died.

Everyone started thinking that iPro was the Serial Killer. More mass roleclaims followed. RTG said that he lied the previous day and he was actually the town doctor. Then, kev2010 made an absolutely terrible mistake by claiming 1-shot cop even though flyrain, the 1 shot cop, was already dead and there could only be one in the setup. Kev2010 was lynched because he claimed an impossible role for who knows why (he didn't really explain what he was thinking after the game ended since he was inactive). Kev2010 was the Mafia Roleblocker.

Only town, iPro, fz0718, RTG, and dragon55 remained. Town had won.  

Players Edit

  • flyrain, 1-Shot Cop, lynched D1
  • bob12345678, Vanilla Townie, killed N1
  • gerenjie, Mafia Godfather, killed N1
  • FlakeLCR, Vanilla Townie, lynched D2
  • genesis2, Vanilla Townie, killed N2
  • jeremylu, Vanilla Townie, killed N2
  • fdas, Mafia Goon, lynched D3
  • bestwillcui1, Vanilla Townie, killed N3
  • kev2010, Mafia Roleblocker, lynched D4
  • dragon55, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • 54math fz0718, Town Roleblocker, survived
  • metboom abean077 RTG, Town Doctor, survived
  • iPro, Vigilante, survived

Major Events Edit

Night 1 Actions Edit

metboom (RTG) protects genesis2.

iPro kills gerenjie.

54math (fz0718) roleblocks jeremylu.

fdas kills bob12345678.

kev2010 roleblocks genesis2.

Result: gerenjie dies. bob12345678 dies.

Night 2 Actions Edit

metboom (RTG) protects metboom (RTG).

iPro kills genesis2.

54math roleblocks genesis2.

fdas kills jeremylu.

kev2010 roleblocks genesis2.

Result: genesis2 dies. jeremylu dies.

Night 3 Actions Edit

RTG protects no one (by choice).

iPro kills bestwillcui1.

fz0718 roleblocks kev2010.

kev2010 kills dragon55.

Result: bestwillcui1 dies.

Notes Edit

Mafia Quicktopic

This game had good flavour and kev2010 did quite well to stay under the radar until day 4. His play day 4 is still unexplained to this day. iPro is probably one of the very few vigilante's to ever play in a C9++ game. It was very interesting on how to determine that iPro was the vigilante and not the Serial Killer although it was a lot greater chance for him to be a Serial Killer. Even though fdas pointed out the math, this still does not compare to logic. If iPro was the Serial Killer, it would have been very hard for him to win. If he shot the remaining mafia accidentally, which could have very likely been bestwillcui1, the game wouldn't have ended and all of town would have known right away that iPro was the Serial Killer.