Mafia Game 104: Boring Flavour Mafia (Newbie Game 31)
Quick Info
Game Type Newbie
Setup Matrix 6
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) NeilOnnsu/Fz0718
Start Date July 12, 2014
End Date August 28, 2014
Completion Status Town win

Game Summary Edit

Town wins.

Players Edit

dragon - Mafia Goon (lynched D1)

mjoshi - Mafia Goon (lynched D2)

wu2481632 - Doctor (survived)

DanielL2000 - Tracker (survived)

genesis2 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

jeremylu - Vanilla Townie (survived)

lego_zebra mathwizard888 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

JP-GoVikes hamup1 ShineBunny - Vanilla Townie (survived)

Eunectus blindmewithmath - Vanilla Townie (survived)

Major Events Edit

Night 1 Actions Edit

wu2481632 saves genesis2.

DanielL2000 tracks blindmewithmath.

mjoshi kills genesis2.

Result: N/A

Notes Edit

This is probably the best game ever played by genesis2. He carried town during both days and got the lynches correct on both of them. There were also an unbelievable amount of replacements needed in this game even though it only lasted for two days. Also, a very unusual perfect win for town.