Mafia Game 105: Portal Mafia
Quick Info
Game Type Mini
Setup C9++, DDCMMTT
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) gerenjie/genesis2
Start Date September 3, 2014
End Date November 18, 2014
Completion Status Mafia win

Game SummaryEdit

In pregame, gerenjie (the moderator) fails to send role PMs correctly and has to restart the setup.

iPro launches the game out of RVS by bluntly declaring it over with a "serious vote" on xantho.[1] A combination of attacks against iPro and bandwagoning ensues. iPro calls out DanielL2000 for bandwagoning. An unvoting iPro wagon happens, but Daniel goes on to revote iPro for the previous reasons. Many Villagers, including RTG, call this out as scummy for responding to pressure, and Daniel freaks out, roleclaims VT, and attempts to gamethrow in a manner that looks like desperate town.[2][3]

knittingfrenzy18 advocates a Daniel lynch "for intel", even after his roleclaim, but xantho turns the tides with a renewed aggression on iPro. When iPro reacts to this, a few players are prompted to reanalyze him, and vote him. A FlakeLCR wagon forms as the result of NeilOnnsu and RTG's aggression (for not contributing, even simply, and for overreacting and buddying). dragon55 also briefly comes under suspicion, but as the deadline draws near and iPro continues to act in a wishy-washy manner, town is able to close out the lynch. iPro flips as Vanilla Townie.

During Night 1, jeremylu dies and flips as Mason. He was pretty much universally townread during Day 1, so it was an obvious choice for a kill.

knittingfrenzy18 makes a post in the middle of the night because she thinks a week has passed even though it had only been three days. RTG and fdas attempt to attack her for this, but they are invalid and mechanically refuted.

The main wagon all of Day 2 is dragon55; due to a convincing analysis posted by NeilOnnsu at the end of Day 1, dragon's ill-motivated behavior and attempts to look as towny as possible are dug out and exposed by the other players. His lynch is closed out, dragon55 refusing to defend himself with the reasoning that he would only make himself look scummier if he did. dragon55 flips as 1-Shot Cop.

During Night 2, fz0718 dies and flips as a 1-Shot Doctor. Unfortunately, due to another glitch in gerenjie's modding, fz0718 should have been a full Doctor. This only ends up having a small effect on setup analysis.

fdas jumps in at the beginning of Day 3 with an overaggressive attack on knittingfrenzy18 for trivial things that fdas skillfully presents in a scummy light. However, knittingfrenzy18 manages to refute the attacks. fdas then turns around and attacks Daniel for bandwagoning, pulling out old evidence from Day 1 that had previously been buried. While knittingfrenzy18 attempts to present her suspicions on RTG, fdas continues to make a loud ordeal out of his attack, distracting from knittingfrenzy18's attempts to convince the Village of her own attack. fdas sways the Village to eventually lynch Daniel. DanielL2000 flips as Vanilla Townie. Towards the end of Day 3, Slizer replaces math8dragons.

During Night 3, knittingfrenzy18 dies and flips as Mason. This destroys the last tool Town has in Day 4 LYLO, a town clear.

fdas once again comes out of the gate with an attack on math8dragons/Slizer. xantho fails to be active, and NeilOnnsu convincingly stalls and does not try to contribute. With few other players with any strong voice, fdas easily convinces the Village to lynch Slizer; csmath puts Slizer at L-1, and NeilOnnsu drops the hammer.. Slizer flips as Vanilla Townie.

The ratio of town to mafia at this point is 3 (csmath, FlakeLCR, xantho) : 3 (NeilOnnsu, fdas, RTG), and mafia achieves a perfect win.


  • iPro, Vanilla Townie, lynched D1
  • jeremylu, Mason, killed N1
  • dragon55, 1-Shot Cop, lynched D2
  • fz0718, 1-Shot Doctor, killed N2
  • DanielL2000, Vanilla Townie, lynched D3
  • knittingfrenzy18, Mason, killed N3
  • math8dragons Slizer, Vanilla Townie, lynched D4
  • xantho, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • FlakeLCR, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • csmath, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • NeilOnnsu, Mafia Godfather, survived
  • RTG, Mafia Roleblocker, survived
  • fdas, Mafia Goon, survived

Major EventsEdit

Night 1Edit

RTG roleblocks dragon55.

NeilOnnsu kills jeremylu.

Result: jeremylu dies.

Night 2 ActionsEdit

RTG roleblocks knittingfrenzy18.

NeilOnnsu kills fz0718.

Result: fz0718 dies.

Night 3 ActionsEdit

RTG roleblocks knittingfrenzy18.

NeilOnnsu kills knittingfrenzy18.

Result: knittingfrenzy18 dies.


Mafia Quicktopic

Mason Quicktopic

In the words of the players in endgame, Mafia was "aided greatly by luck",[4] since there were no opposing killing factions, and the town PRs with the strongest voices were quickly eliminated.

gerenjie messed up with the setup twice--the first time, he accidentally sent 2 PMs to dragon55 and none to csmath, therefore, he had to start the game over again; the second time, he got the setup wrong by assigning fz0718 the role of 1-Shot Doctor. By randomizing two D's in this C9++ setup, the role should have been a plain Doctor. While town was somewhat amputated by missing a Doctor, little was damaged but setup speculation.

knittingfrenzy18 met her death because she had started to suspect two of the mafia, NeilOnnsu and RTG. While mafia was still supposedly searching for the remaining mason(s) in order to eliminate the LYLO roleclaim, NeilOnnsu became convinced it was anybody but her. knittingfrenzy18 would go on to quote her ruses as Red's Mason Bluff as reference to WIFOM outcomes in future games.

fdas completely dominated the discussion in the last 2 days and was able to sway the lynches heavily. fdas used the space technique described in Fdas's encryption method to organize quicklynches.

References Edit