Mafia Game 106 (Newbie Game 32)
Quick Info
Game Type Newbie
Setup Matrix 6
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) dragon55/iPro
Start Date September 10, 2014
End Date October 26, 2014
Completion Status Town win

Game Summary Edit

Town wins.

Players Edit

ShineBunny - Mafia Goon (lynched D1)

genesis2 - Mafia Goon (lynched D3)

aroodman - Cop (survived)

RTG - Vanilla Townie (killed N1 by Mafia)

MathStudent2002 - Vanilla Townie (lynched D2)

NeilOnnsu - Vanilla Townie (killed N2 by Mafia)

xantho Slizer - Vanilla Townie (survived)

mathwizard888 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

mercury101 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

Major Events Edit

Night 1 Actions Edit

aroodman received innocent on NeilOnnsu.

genesis2 kills RTG.

Result: RTG dies.

Night 2 Actions Edit

aroodman received guilty on genesis2.

genesis2 kills NeilOnnsu.

Result: NeilOnnsu dies.

Notes Edit

This was one of the best towns (if not the best) of the year. Even with all the experienced players inactive, the town, led by RTG, was able to lynch ShineBunny, and then aroodman did well on selecting his investigations.