Mafia Game 109: Harry Potter Mafia
Quick Info
Game Type Large
Setup 12 VT, 3 Mafia Goons, 1 Mafia Godfather, 1 SK
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) NeilOnnsu
Start Date January 1st, 2015
End Date May 16th, 2015
Completion Status Town win

Game SummaryEdit

NeilOnnsu modded the game flawlessly with a very special setup. There were items[1] that were handed out each night. Since no one had experienced this before, the players probably didn't play as well as they could have if they had experienced this type of setup before.

The game started off really slowly with RVS dragging on way longer than it should have. jeremylu seemed to be trolling all of day 1, RTG was sick and couldn't give the activity he usually had, xantho was inactive most of the time as usual, and nothing seemed to happen with the other players including a bunch of others getting sick. Early in the day, RTG started a bandwagon of many players changing their avatar to a doge to copy xantho. gerenjie, jeremylu, Smiley-Faces-88, and WolfofAtlantis followed suit. The only ones left with the doge avatars at the end of the game were xantho and jeremylu.

Nearing the end of the day, Knittingfrenzy18 launched an attack against basketballstar24. This argument went back and forth and it looked like that basketballstar24 was going to be lynched, but the day ended before a lynch was able to occur.

The next morning, town found out that Knittingfrenzy18 and abean077 had died. Both were Vanilla Townies. Also, they found out that basketballstar24 had been knocked out for the day, meaning he wasn't allowed to post for the entire day 2.

Everyone started by roleclaiming items, the most important, though, was xantho saying that he had received scum on basketballstar24. He had also claimed that he had killed abean077 with the Sword of Gryffindor and given it to basketballstar24. A huge debate then started on how important the sword was. Even though basketballstar24 was confirmed scum, fdas and fz0718 argued for keeping basketballstar24 alive while RTG argued for lynching basketballstar24. The day was nearing an end, so town lynched basketballstar24 and was shown that he was a Mafia Goon.

After the night ended, town received news that RTG and WolfOfAtlantis were both killed. RTG was a Vanilla Townie, while WolfOfAtlantis was a Mafia Goon.

The most interesting object move of the day though was that gerenjie said that he had the Sword of Gryffindor. xantho kept saying though that he had passed the object off to basketballstar24. fdas and aroodman got into a debate during that day, and it ended in aroodman being lynched although all the players in the dead forum[2] believed he was innocent. aroodman was a Vanilla Townie.

The next day, jeremylu, gerenjie, and zmann27 were found dead. gerenjie was a Vanilla Townie, zmann27 was a Mafia Goon, and jeremylu's role was censored. At the end the game, town found out that jeremylu was indeed a Vanilla Townie.

Mercury101 decided that he wanted to launch an attack against Mafia_Man. This attack severely backfired on him when the rest of town believed that his attacks were not very good and that his play was more scummy. fdas continued to lead the attack, and at the end of the day, Mercury101 was lynched. He was the Mafia Godfather. Mafia was officially eliminated.

No kills happened that night, and there were several proven town by the objects making this an almost sure town win. The Serial Killer had eluded suspicion for a long time, but the end for him came. Mafia_Man was attacked by fdas, and the lynch was called. Mafia_Man was the Serial Killer.

All the scum had been eliminated. The only players left were lykarg44, mathwizard888, xantho, fz0718, fdas, and csmath.


  • knittingfrenzy18, Vanilla Townie, killed N1
  • abean077, Vanilla Townie, killed N1
  • basketballstar24, Mafia Goon, lynched D2
  • RTG, Vanilla Townie, killed N2
  • WolfOfAtlantis, Mafia Goon, killed N2
  • aroodman, Vanilla Townie, lynched D3
  • jeremylu, Vanilla Townie (censored), killed N3
  • gerenjie, Vanilla Townie, killed N3
  • Smiley-Faces-88 zmann27, Mafia Goon, killed N3
  • mercury101, Mafia Godfather, lynched D4
  • Mafia_Man, Serial Killer, lynched D5
  • csmath, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • lykarg44, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • mathwizard888, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • xantho, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • fz0718, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • fdas, Vanilla Townie, survived

Major EventsEdit


Night 1Edit

aroodman used the Marauders Map on fdas.

xantho used the Sword of Gryffindor on abean077.

mathwizard888 used the Fawkes the Phoenix on fdas.

iPro (Mafia_Man) used the Polyjuice Potion on csmath.

xantho used Veritaserum on basketballstar24.

iPro (Mafia_Man) failed at using the Essence of Dittany.

mathwizard888 used Amortentia on fz0718 and fdas.

abean077 used Bezoar on knittingfrenzy18.

csmath didn't used Felix Felicis.

aroodman used Expelliarmus on fdas.

fdas failed at using Accio.

knittingfrenzy18 used Stupefy on basketballstar24.

csmath used Protego on RTG.

iPro (Mafia_Man) used Prior Incantato on basketballstar24.

knittingfrenzy18 used the Fidelius Charm on basketballstar24. (Please help! Don't understand.)

basketballstar24 kills abean077.

iPro (Mafia_Man) kills knittingfrenzy18.

Result: abean077 dies. knittingfrenzy18 dies.

Night 2 ActionsEdit

fz0718 failed at using the Marauders' Map.

gerenjie used the Sword of Gryffindor on RTG.

jeremylu used Veritaserum on aroodman.

aroodman used Accio on Stupefy.

aroodman failed at using Stupefy.

RTG used Protego on xantho.

RTG used Prior Incantato on gerenjie.

csmath used the Fidelius Charm on Felix Felicis and RTG. (Please help! Don't understand.)

WolfOfAtlantis kills RTG.

Mafia_Man kills WolfOfAtlantis.

Result: RTG dies. WolfOfAtlantis dies.

Night 3 ActionsEdit

gerenjie fails at using the Marauders' Map.

fdas used the Sword of Gryffindor on jeremylu.

xantho failed at using Veritaserum.

csmath used Accio on the Marauders' Map.

lykarg44 used Protego on fz0718.

mercury101 used Prior Incantato on fdas.

xantho used the Fidelius Charm to hide that jeremylu was town.

zmann27 kills gerenjie.

Mafia_Man kills zmann27.

Result: jeremylu dies. gerenjie dies. zmann27 dies.

Night 4 ActionsEdit

csmath used the Marauders' Map on xantho.

csmath used Veritaserum on xantho.

fz0718 used Accio on Protego.

fz0718 used Protego on fdas.

fz0718 used Prior Incantato on xantho.

Mafia_Man kills fdas.

Result: N/A


Mafia Quicktopic

Dead Quicktopic

The beginning of this game was really aided by inactivity to post productive posts on day 1. This gave the scum a good step up on the town because there was no lynch during day 1, but with 5 scum killed in 4 days, that clearly changed the tides in town's favour. fdas did an excellent job at determining who the scum were, and was probably the MVP of the late stage. Of the game??? Not sure, because he didn't do very well during day 1 or day 2.

The setup of all the objects made this game one of a kind. Each night, a player could use their object, and then pass the object on to another player. Town wanted to make sure the items didn't fall into mafia's hands, because then they could keep the objects in their circle or easily dispose of them. Town did well at that because the mafia only received one object after 3 nights.

Overall, this was a fun game, but the ending was not really close. I would definitely rate NeilOnnsu's previous special mechanic game, Mafia Game 98, a lot better.

Current record holder for most posts in a game.

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