Mafia Game 110 (Newbie Game 35)
Quick Info
Game Type Newbie
Setup Matrix6
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) fdas
Start Date February 15, 2015
End Date June 12, 2015
Completion Status Mafia Win

Game Summary Edit

The game starts out as a normal RVS. Statisticslol displays newbiness and wonders whether he can vote. donot attacks AKAL3 for being scared which he believes to be a scumtell, which it isn’t. AKAL3 starts attacking donot. froggygirl continues to fail to confirm. Ridley-C then attacks statisticslol for being newbie. froggygirl then attacks Kwow for no apparent reason. Kwow begins to OMGUS massively. Fz then points out that AKAL3 has not contributed much. froggygirl is finally replaced by dragonlover73. Dragonlover hits the ground running with an analysis on donot. donot and AKAL3 continue to attack each other. AKAL3 is then put on L-1, he is narrowly not lynched due to incorrect formatting in Kwow’s vote. The town spends time arguing and is inactive. This causes them to miss the deadline. There is no lynch day 1 and everyone is surprised when there is no kill during the night. Meanwhile, the mod laughs hysterically. The next day, donot says he wasn’t paying attention which caused him to forget to hammer. statisticslol is increasingly criticized for his lack of game knowledge and is voted by donot for that reason. donot begins to advocate lying in mafia when you are town. statisticslol starts displaying his newbiness more and more and dragonlover73 votes him. Goliath replaces Kwow and NeilOnnsu replaces xantho. At this point 3 out of 9 people in the game were not players in the very beginning. AKAL3 attacks donot again. AKAL3 and donot start going at each other again and stat is pressured less. People start unvoting statisticslol. The deadline approaches and Goliath decides to vote donot. However, his vote was not in the correct format. A large debate starts over fdas’s rules regarding his strictness. fdas makes the reasonable argument that if we need a line somewhere because otherwise people can add an error to an acceptable vote and that would still be acceptable. Then this is repeated until the vote is unrecognizable. Therefore there needs to be a precise divide between an acceptable vote and an unacceptable vote. fdas is reasonable so he allowed capitalization of Vote to be optional (note that this was explicitly stated in the rules). The deadline approaches and NeilOnnsu hammers at 7:32 PM EDT on March 28. The day started on March 7 7:17 PM EST. However, daylight savings happened in the middle of the day which means that the deadline was actually at 8:17 PM EDT. Thus, the lynch occurred and Goliath turned out to be a vanilla townie. The mod once again begins to laugh hysterically. During the night, fz dies. He was a vanilla townie. AKAL3 analyzes dragonlover and says the evidence is inconclusive. knittingfrenzy18 townreads NeilOnnsu off of meta. NeilOnnsu begins to push for a donot lynch. Ridley-C puts donot at L-2. dragonlover73 decides to vote Red (knittingfrenzy18), however this vote used a nickname which made it invalid. People start declaring V/LA 4 days before the deadline. Dragonlover73 votes donot before the deadline, however this is not enough to get the lynch. It is a no lynch. During the night, no one dies. People start increasingly suspecting a Neil/dragon pair. Then, comes the infamous activity check where it says Active: None because no one is active. donot attempts to vote Ridley-C. Despite a lot of inactivity, town annoyance toward donot leads to a donot lynch. donot is a vanilla townie. In the night, knittingfrenzy18 dies. She is a vanilla townie. dragonlover73 is replaced by Zugzwang34. Activity remains atrocious. A last minute lynch attempt brings Zugzwang34 to L-1 the night before the deadline, however this is not enough and it is a no lynch. statisticslol, the town jailkeeper is the last hope for the town. However, he performs at the same skill level he has been displaying all game and jails AKAL3, the person he jailed the night before where a kill had gotten through instead of jailing NeilOnnsu which he did night 3 which blocked the kill. statisticslol is killed and Mafia Wins.

Players Edit

  • Kwow Goliath, Vanilla Townie, lynched D2
  • fz0718, Vanilla Townie, killed N2
  • donot, Vanilla Townie, lynched D4
  • knittingfrenzy19, Vanilla Townie, killed N4
  • statisticslol, Jailkeeper, killed N5
  • Ridley-C, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • AKAL3, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • xantho NeilOnnsu, Mafia Goon, survived
  • froggygirl dragonlover73Zugzwang34, Mafia Goon, survived

Major Events Edit

Day 1: No lynch

Night 1: statisticslol jails donot

Mafia fail to submit a kill

Result: no deaths

Day 2: Goliath Lynched.

Night 2: statisticslol jails NeilOnnsu

Dragonlover73 kill fz0718

Result: fz0718 dies

Day 3: No lynch

Night 3: statisticslol jails NeilOnnsu

NeilOnnsu kills knittingfrenzy18

Result: no deaths

Day 4: donot lynched

Night 4: Statisticslol jails AKAL3

NeilOnnsu kills knittingfrenzy18

Result: knittingfrenzy18 dies

Day 5: No lynch

Night 5: statisticslol jails AKAL3

NeilOnnsu kills statisticslol

Result: statisticslol dies

Notes Edit

Night 1, the mafia actually didn't submit a kill due to inactivity.

Day 2 was super super close to a no lynch. The lynch only got through because of daylight savings.

Night 2 was also almost a no kill but statisticslol jailed the wrong mafia.

A situation where 3 day cycles pass without a lynch was only averted by a thread.

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