Mafia Game 111: The Light Wars (Newbie Game 36)
Quick Info
Game Type Newbie
Setup Matrix6
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) knittingfrenzy18
Start Date March 31, 2015
End Date July 25, 2015
Completion Status Mafia win

Game Summary Edit

[Write a concise, comprehensive, unbiased (wiki-like) summary of what happened during the game, touching on each of the major events each day/night. Anyone can add this, players are especially encouraged to.]

Players Edit

  • irishfeet123, Vanilla Townie, lynched D1
  • zmann27 (rhvg), Vanilla Townie, lynched D3
  • lanshus, Vanilla Townie, killed N3
  • xantho (RTG), Town Jailkeeper, killed N4
  • goseahawks (MathStudent2002), Vanilla Townie, lynched D5
  • jonyj1005, Mafia Goon, survived
  • fz0718, Mafia Roleblocker, survived
  • fdas, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • statisticslol (ChessNut), 1-Shot Bulletproof Townie, survived

Major Events Edit

On Night 1, fz0718 targeted RTG for the nightkill, and roleblocked zmann27. RTG, the jailkeeper, targeted fz0718, blocking the kill and his own death. On Night 2, jonyj1005 targeted fdas for the nightkill, and fz0718 roleblocked goseahawks. RTG targeted fdas, saving fdas and once again blocking the kill. On Night 3, jonyj1005 targeted lanshus for the nightkill, and fz0718 roleblocked RTG. RTG targeted fz0718, but was overridden in roleblocking. As a result, lanshus dies. On Night 4, jonyj1005 targeted xantho for the nightkill, and fz0718 roleblocked xantho. xantho, the new jailkeeper, targeted goseahawks, but to no avail, he died.

Notes Edit

Little remarkable happened, but for the moderator's notes and personal thoughts on the game, see her post here.