Mafia Game 119: Star Trek Mafia
Quick Info
Game Type Mini
Setup 5 VT, 1 Town Doctor, 1 Town Tracker, 1 Town JOAT, 1 Town 1-Shot Vigilante, 1 Mafia Goon, 1 Mafia Rolecop, 1 Mafia Godfather, 1 1-Shot Bulletproof Serial Killer
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) RTG
Start Date February 25, 2016
End Date June 30, 2016
Completion Status Mafia win

Game Summary Edit

Write a concise, comprehensive, unbiased (wiki-like) summary of what happened during the game, touching on each of the major events each day/night.

Players Edit

  • Devila03, Mafia Goon, lynched D1
  • aroodman, Town Doctor, killed N1
  • herpnerp, Mafia Rolecop, modkilled D2
  • fdas, Town Jack of All Trades, killed N2
  • zmann27, Town Tracker, killed N2
  • relay400, Vanilla Townie, lynched D3
  • summitwei, Vanilla Townie, killed N3
  • pandabear10, Vanilla Townie, killed N3
  • e_is_cool, 1-Shot Bulletproof Serial Killer, lynched D4
  • statisticslol, Town 1-Shot Vigilante, killed N4
  • ImpossibleCube, Vanilla Townie, lynched D5
  • yamyamx2, Vanilla Townie, survived
  • phi_ftw1618, Mafia Godfather, survived

Major Events Edit

Day 1Edit

summitwei replaces irishfeet123.

phi_ftw1618 replaces mercury101.

Devila03 is lynched.

Night 1Edit

aroodman protects fdas.

fdas protects fdas (using his JOAT Doctor ability).

lanshus tracks jonyj1005.

jonyj1005 discovers fdas' role, using his rolecop ability.

phi_ftw1618 kills aroodman.


lanshus receives that jonyj1005 targeted fdas.

aroodman dies.

Day 2Edit

herpnerp replaces jonyj1005.

zmann27 replaces lanshus.

herpnerp is modkilled for illegal out of thread discussion.

Night 2Edit

fdas inspects e_is_cool (using his JOAT Cop ability).

zmann27 tracks phi_ftw1618.

phi_ftw1618 kills fdas.

e_is_cool kills zmann27.


zmann27 receives that phi_ftw1618 targeted fdas.

fdas receives Guilty on e_is_cool.

fdas dies.

zmann27 dies.

Day 3Edit

relay400 is lynched.

Night 3Edit

phi_ftw1618 kills e_is_cool.

e_is_cool kills pandabear10.

statisticslol kills summitwei.


e_is_cool does not die as he is 1-shot Bulletproof. His bulletproof is removed.

pandabear10 dies.

summitwei dies.

Day 4Edit

e_is_cool is lynched.

Night 4Edit

phi_ftw1618 kills statisticslol.


statisticslol dies.

Day 5Edit

yamyamx2 replaces Zugzwang34.

ImpossibleCube is lynched.

Notes Edit

Mafia did still win the game despite two of the three mafia being dead after the second day.