First yif man12
Second N/A
Third Town


Game Summary Edit

Town wins.

Players Edit

Probability1.01 - Mafia Goon (lynched D2)

Chigr - Mafia Goon (lynched D3)

Sheepwarrior - Mafia Goon (lynched D4)

Secret Asian - Mafia Goon (lynched D5)

paladin8 - Cop (killed N3 by Mafia)

Ambierona - Mason (killed N2 by Mafia)

Darkknight - Mason (survived)

noneoftheabove - Mason (survived)

dangvh - Vanilla Townie (lynched D1)

GoBraves - Vanilla Townie (killed N1 by Mafia)

Tunio - Vanilla Townie (killed N4 by Mafia)

math92 Press alt f4 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

Gr8sk8r - Vanilla Townie (survived)

Gandalf - Vanilla Townie (survived)

baseballfreak2 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

Major Events Edit

Night 1 Actions Edit

paladin8 received innocent on ???.

??? kills GoBraves.

Result: GoBraves dies.

Night 2 Actions Edit

paladin8 receives guilty on Chigr.

??? kills Ambierona.

Result: Ambierona dies.

Night 3 Actions Edit

Paladin8 receives ??? on ???.

??? kills Paladin8.

Result: Paladin8 dies.

Night 4 Actions Edit

Secret Asian kills Tunio.

Result: Tunio dies.

Notes Edit

This is the oldest mafia game archived in the Mafia! forum. The formatting and game play was quite different back then so you should probably check this out.