First xantho
Second Eunectus
Third Town


3rd Party?

Game Summary Edit

This game was mod abandoned.

Players Edit

genesis2 - Unknown (survived)

ShineBunny - Unknown (survived)

jeremylu - Unknown (survived)

TheCrafter - Unknown (survived)

basketballstar24 - Unknown (survived)

sh4931 - Unknown (survived)

gerenjie - Unknown (survived)

MayWeStartCalculusNow - Unknown (survived)

Ani10 - Unknown (survived)

SpaceCase - Unknown (survived)

fz0718 - Unknown (survived)

Saphira 7 - Unknown (survived)

math8dragons - Unknown (survived)

iNoob - Unknown (survived)

dragon55 - Unknown (survived)

Notes Edit

This was a BM game that really never got started. xantho and Eunectus were too inactive and they didn't get the role PMs out fast enough to keep the interest of the players. gerenjie did become a comod but never got any information, so he stayed a player until the activity in the thread died.