First willwang123
Second N/A
Third Town


Game Summary Edit

Mafia wins.

Players Edit

xantho - Mafia Goon (survived)

jeremylu - Mafia Goon (survived)

genesis2 - Cop (killed N1 by Mafia)

JP-GoVikes - Vanilla Townie (lynched D1)

bestwillcui1 - Vanilla Townie (killed N2 by Mafia)

NeilOnnsu - Vanilla Townie (killed N3 by Mafia)

Va2010 Aopser101 joaquinlikesmath - Vanilla Townie (lynched D4)

dragon55 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

Saphira 7 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

Major Events Edit

Night 1 Actions Edit

genesis2 receives ??? on ???

??? kills genesis2.

Result: N/A

Night 2 Actions Edit

??? kills bestwillcui1.

Result: bestwillcui1 dies.

Night 3 Actions Edit

??? kills NeilOnnsu.

Result: NeilOnnsu dies.

Notes Edit

No mafia Quick Topic was posted after the game which really kept me in the dark on the mafia kills. Also, genesis2 never stated who he saved. This was really interesting seeing as the joaquinlikesmath character was replaced twice and was replacement status 3 times.