First NeilOnnsu
Second N/A
Third Town


Game Summary Edit

Mafia wins.

Players Edit

genesis2 - Mafia Roleblocker (lynched D2)

jzhan77 fz0718 - Mafia Goon (survived)

xantho - Jailkeeper (killed N2 by Mafia)

ac_math iPro - 1-Shot Bulletproof Townie (killed N4 and N5 by Mafia)

fdas - Vanilla Townie (lynched D1)

SodaKing1 gerenjie - Vanilla Townie (lynched D3)

willwang123 - Vanilla Townie (killed N3 by Mafia)

FlakeLCR - Vanilla Townie (lynched D6)

bob12345678 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

Major Events Edit

Night 1 Actions Edit

xantho jailkeeps genesis2.

genesis2 roleblocks willwang123.

genesis2 kills xantho.

Result: N/A

Night 2 Actions Edit

fz0718 kills xantho.

Result: xantho dies.

Night 3 Actions Edit

fz0718 kills willwang123.

Result: willwang123 dies.

Night 4 Actions Edit

fz0718 kills iPro.

Result: N/A

Night 5 Actions Edit

fz0718 kills iPro.

Result: iPro dies.

Notes Edit

This was probably one of the longest newbie games ever. It lasted 6 days with 2 No Lynches and 2 missed Night Kills. There were no kills for 2 days and 1 night during this game. This was a really good first game for fz0718 and a really bad first game for fdas.