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Game Summary Edit

The game starts out with the standard RVS. genesis2 attacks bob12345678 for revealing a reaction test during RVS. bob and genesis start a big argument that consists of throwing large paragraphs at each other. Meanwhile, town decides that there can't be a jester because it wouldn't fit with flavor. The argument doesn't go well for genesis and he decides to quit. He wants to get modkilled and does so by quoting his role pm which is against the rules. genesis2 is modkilled and the mafia are ecstatic. Overnight, abean the jailkkeeper dies. knittingfrenzy18 is intensively attacked. fdas makes his first analysis by quoting all the posts of a player and writing one lines about them. flyrain replaces jeremylu. Everyone attacks flyrain and bob roleclaims cop. bob claims he got a guilty on flyrain. flyrain claims cop and says he was roleblocked. Bob then retracts his roleclaim and says he was joking. gerenjie then claims cop and says he got innocent on 54math. The town tells gerenjie to say what square he was on. fdas is the mafia rolecop and he did not realize that gerenjie could see what square fdas went on. gerenjie needed to say the same square fdas was on so fdas decided to put a message at the end of a post in a long post analysis while dropping a subtle hint to gerenjie. If a townie saw it then it would ruin both fdas and gerenjie. Fortunately, no one, including gerenjie, saw it. This is fdas's first experiment with encrypting messages. After many games as mafia, fdas's method would eventually grow to become fdas's encryption method. gerenjie saw what piece fdas was and his square in the quicktopic so all was well. Gerenjie claims rook on a8. Town not smart enough to realize that rook is already dead. Town decides to go with fdas's plan to no lynch and have both gerenjie and flyrain investigate bob who the town told to go to a1; which btw is a terrible plan but it was made by a mafia... Overnight, the mafia come up with a plan to encrypt messages. The plan is to make an analysis which involves taking the 4th letter of the second word in each comment after a quote and stringing all of them together. This is the first stage of encryption making which fdas goes on to improve. Meanwhile, mafia fail to notice that flyrain is in range of iPro which means that there is a high probability that iPro is in range of flyrain. if bob is on a1 then flyrain must be on the center diagonal which is in range of iPro. Furthermore, the mafia failed to realize that bob was nowhere in sight. knittingfrenzy18 is killed. flyrain says he inspected iPro and got guilty. It turns out that Bob was not on a1. IPro is lynched but before he dies he makes a bunch of posts that encode a message. However, iPro DOES NOT FOLLOW THE ENCRYPTION SCHEME AND MAKES IT A NORMAL CRYPTOGRAM. The message is decoded and contains highly damaging information that incriminates gerenjie. Luckily, town was bad and missed the third hint to gerenjie's alignment. 4 hints if you think about how absurd 2 cops that are different pieces is. IPRO YOU IDIOT. Singlehandedly loses game for mafia. Ipro is lynched and in the night, bob and flake die. Everyone decides to lynch fdas for some unknown reason. fdas attempts to throw suspicion on flyrain by saying that his partner betrayed him whiie his partner didn't vote him at all. Plan had high chances of working since town would think he was another iPro. Overnight, jeremylu dies. flyrain gets lynched and flips cop which is a major mistake for gerenjie the mafia. He needed to keep flyrain alive because then no one would know who the real cop was and flyrain thought gerenjie was town. fz is killed at night. gerenjie gets lynched and town wins.

Game Mechanic Edit

Each Night will be divided into two phases, each of length 84 hours. During the first phase, every single player must submit a position on the chessboard, consisting of a letter from a through h and a number from 1 through 8. These positions will be used to decide the effectiveness of Night actions. If a player fails to submit, his/her square will be randomized.

During the second phase, each power role will be PM'd a set of players that their chess piece (included in the role PM) is attacking from their square. If two players are located on the same square, they are defined to be attacking each other. Pieces blocking the way will be disregarded. The power role can only target (or equivalent thereof if the role is a semi-passive one) the players listed in the set -- which could, potentially, be empty. If you are confused as to exactly how your Night action is affected by this rule, you may PM me for clarification.

Every Night, the chessboard will decrease one unit in both length and width. In other words, in Night 2, the chessboard will be 7 by 7 instead of 8 by 8, and so on from there.

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Players Edit

gerenjie - Mafia Godfather (lynched D6)

fdas - Mafia Rolecop (lynched D4)

iPro - Mafia Goon (lynched D3)

genesis2 - Vanilla Townie (Backup Jailkeeper) (modkilled D1)

abean077 - Jailkeeper (killed N1 by Mafia)

knittingfrenzy18 - Mason (killed N2 by Mafia)

bob12345678 - Vanilla Townie (Backup Vigilante) (killed N3 by Mafia)

FlakeLCR - Vanilla Townie (Backup Mason) (killed N3 by Vigilante)

jeremylu - Vigilante (killed N4 by Mafia)

xantho flyrain - Cop (lynched D5)

fz0718 - Mason (ex-Vanilla Townie) (killed N6 by Mafia)

bestwillcui1 - Mason (survived)

54math - Cop (ex-Vanilla Townie) (survived)

Major Events Edit

Night 1 Actions Edit

abean077 jailkeeps bob12345678.

xantho (flyrain) receives no result.

54math roleblocks jeremylu.

fdas receives Vanilla Townie for bob12345678.

iPro roleblocks xantho.

fdas kills abean077.

Result: abean077 dies.

Night 2 Actions Edit

flyrain receives guilty on iPro.

fdas receives Vanilla Townie for FlakeLCR.

iPro roleblocks FlakeLCR.

gerenjie kills knittingfrenzy18.

fz0718 becomes a Mason.

Result: knittingfrenzy18 dies.

Night 3 Actions Edit

jeremylu kills FlakeLCR.

flyrain receives innocent on gerenjie.

fdas receives Mason for bestwillcui1.

fdas kills bob12345678.

Result: FlakeLCR dies. bob12345678 dies.

Night 4 Actions Edit

flyrain receives innocent on gerenjie.

gerenjie kills jeremylu.

Result: jeremylu dies.

Night 5 Actions Edit

54math receives innocent on gerenjie.

gerenjie kills fz0718.

Result: fz0718 dies.

Notes Edit

Quicktopic link: ☀

This is the game that started fdas's research into making encryption schemes.

This is probably one of the best games the Mafia forum has ever seen. It had awesome mechanics with a lot of PRs and it was a really close game. If I were to recommend any game reading for fun, it would be this one.