First gerenjie
Second xantho
Third Town


Game Summary Edit

Mafia wins.

Players Edit

MooMoo metboom - Mafia Roleblocker (survived)

musicnmath dragon55 - Mafia Goon (survived)

flyrain - Doctor (survived)

NeilOnnsu - Cop (killed N2 by Mafia)

Joaquinlikesmath bobjoe12345 - Vanilla Townie (lynched D4)

genesis2 - Vanilla Townie (killed N3 by Mafia)

TheCrafter - Vanilla Townie (lynched D3)

CurrrrrrryD mathgenius64 bestwillcui1 - Vanilla Townie (survived)

Tungsten - Vanilla Townie (lynched D2)

Major Events Edit

Night 1 Actions Edit

flyrain saves genesis2.

metboom roleblocks NeilOnnsu.

musicnmath (dragon55) kills genesis2.

Result: N/A

Night 2 Actions Edit

flyrain saves NeilOnnsu.

metboom roleblocks flyrain.

dragon55 kills NeilOnnsu.

Result: NeilOnnsu dies.

Night 3 Actions Edit

flyrain saves ???

metboom roleblocks flyrain.

dragon55 kills genesis2.

Result: genesis2 dies.

Notes Edit

This title of this game could be called "The Noob Win" because it seemed to everyone that metboom was just a noob, when actually underneath, he was one of the Mafia. Great game by both dragon55 and metboom avoiding suspicion. Also, flyrain failed by claiming Doctor early.