Mafia Game None: Micro Test
Quick Info
Game Type Vengeful
Setup Vengeful Mafia
Moderator/Co-Moderator(s) smallpeoples343
Start Date September 3, 2012
End Date September 3, 2012
Completion Status Mafia win

Game SummaryEdit

This was an unofficial game; therefore, not receiving a number. It was run marathon style, and had a lot of mistakes by players for such a small game. smallpeoples343 introduced this and the players signed up inside the thread.

xantho started off the game with RQS, but then they all transferred to RVS after the RQS ended. xantho voted for chompy and then Binomial_theorem quickly voted for chompy as well and said to willwang123, "GO GO GO WILLWANG XANTHO IS OFFLINE"[1] He had obviously not read the setup, as Willwang123 stated later, because with this setup, town had a Vigilante kill at the end of day 1 and the Mafia had no night kill. Binomial-theorem had already given both the mafia away, and this should have been an easy town win. But...

The next day, GlassBead quickly voted xantho as RVS, but he didn't realize that the game was at LyLo. Binomial-theorem, the remaining mafia since willwang123 had been killed, quickly hammered and this ended in a mafia win.


  • chompy, Vanilla Townie, lynched D1
  • willwang123, Mafia Goon, killed N1
  • xantho, Vanilla Townie, lynched D2
  • GlassBead, Vanilla Townie, Survived
  • Binomial-theorem, Mafia Godfather, Survived

Major EventsEdit

Night 1 ActionsEdit

chompy killed willwang123

Result: willwang123 dies.


The discussion after this game was whether micro games like these would be able to work officially in the Mafia forum. The consensus decided that games like these would attract players that were too interested in chat mafia...therefore making these games not high quality like other games were. There were several other micro games run in the test forum[2], but there were no other micro games run in the Mafia forum.

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