Playing Since September 2011
Status IC
Number of Completed Games 16
Number of Modded Games 5

NeilOnnsu has played Mafia with AoPS since 2011. We are sad to say that NeilOnnsu is on an 'indefinite hiatus' and is probably not going to be participating in AoPS Mafia anymore.

Past GamesEdit

Completed GamesEdit

These are games in which NeilOnnsu has participated as a player and thoroughly completed.

Game Name End Date Role Fate Result Notes
Mafia Game 65 October 24, 2011 Mafia Goon (Hidden Double-Voter) Survived Mafia win This was AoPS's first Mini and NeilOnnsu's first game and first win. He was partnered with Binomial-theorem, who had already established himself as a highly capable Mafia player, and willwang123, who would go on to establish himself as a highly capable Mafia player; together, they all managed to subvert suspicion yet still dominate the discussion, leading them to a satisfying victory. To this day, NeilOnnsu considers this game one of his most enjoyable experiences playing Mafia.
Mafia Game 66 February 25, 2012 Vanilla Townie Survived Draw (see Notes) This was NeilOnnsu's first Newbie game and first game as Town. He also likes to pretend that this was his first win as Town, but in reality it was a "draw." The game suffered from chronic inactivity, though Town was saved by a Guilty investigation result. NeilOnnsu proceeded to work out who the remaining Mafia member was when said Mafia member failed to submit a kill due to inactivity; however, said Mafia member kept failing to submit a kill due to inactivity, resulting in what would have been a potentially endless Night -> MyLo -> Night -> MyLo cycle that a draw was declared and agreed upon.
Mafia Game 68 January 22, 2012 Vanilla Townie Survived Town win This was NeilOnnsu's first C9++ game and first official win as Town. Mafia was lynched on the first day and killed off by the Serial Killer, who promptly fakeclaimed Vigilante only to be counterclaimed Vigilante in a situation in which, according to the rules of the C9++ setup, only one full-powered Vigilante could exist. This led to an easy win for Town by simply lynching both claimers. This is also the game NeilOnnsu generally references if he wants to give an example of Mafia getting lynched successfully on Day 1, or if he wants to give an example of how to deduce a flipped Mafia member's scumbuddy or scumbuddies.
Mafia Game 71 February 23, 2012 Mafia Goon Killed Night 3 Town win This was NeilOnnsu's first loss, as well as a perfect game for Town. Mafia secured a lynch on the Survivor, exposing one of their own in the process. Meanwhile, Mafia killed the Jester; Cult inducted both surviving Mafia members; Mafia decided to betray Cult after said induction, killing a Cult member and leading a lynch on the Cult leader; said lynched leader exposed inducted members out of spite during twilight; Serial Killer killed NeilOnnsu, and the last remaining Mafia member was lynched while the Serial Killer was killed by the Vigilante, leading to a flawless victory for Town. Ever since then, NeilOnnsu has been a fervent supporter of cutting off Days as soon as a lynch has occurred, preventing future vengeful exposures such as the one that did him in.
Mafia Game 72 August 8, 2012 Bulletproof Serial Killer Survived Mafia/Serial Killer joint win This was NeilOnnsu's first and only game as a Serial Killer. He and fishnchips, a Mafia member, managed to lead Town to lynch themselves every single Day. NeilOnnsu successfully deduced the identity of a Mafia member with a system of codes provided by the mod and killed him off early. Nearing the end of the game, only three Town, two Mafia, and NeilOnnsu still stood. Town mislynched one of its own, Mafia killed another Town member, and NeilOnnsu killed a Mafia member leaving only fishnchips, NeilOnnsu, and a sole Town member, a first-time Mafia player who had replaced in by the name of xantho, alive. fishnchips, having realized NeilOnnsu was Bulletproof from another code by the mod and recognized that he was in a practically unwinnable situation, offered NeilOnnsu a draw. NeilOnnsu, impressed with fishnchips' Mafia abilities, accepted.
Mafia Game 74 June 27, 2012 (Hidden Naive) Cop Killed Town win This setup was a variant on the Dethy setup, in which their were four Cops, four Doctors, one Vanilla Townie, and two Mafia members, but each Cop and Doctor had a different sanity. By employing logic with investigation results, it was established that either NeilOnnsu or another player was definitely Mafia. The use of flavortext having not been banned by the mod, NeilOnnsu managed to successfully trick the other player into giving an incorrect answer regarding the flavortext received in his PM, thus securing a lynch on Mafia and being promptly killed the following Night. By that point, however, Town was in good shape, leading to an easy win.
Mafia Game 75 September 6, 2012 Vanilla Townie Killed Night 3 Town win This was the first game in which NeilOnnsu ever actually did some genuine scumhunting that directly led to a Town win. A mass flavortext claim cleared NeilOnnsu and his old acquaintance fishnchips; together, they set up reaction tests and employed careful analysis to deduce the identity of the two remaining Mafia members out of two pairs of conflicting claims. Humorously, having worked this out on Day 3, during which they had already intended to kill a confirmed Mafia member, both of the other identified Mafia members ended up getting replaced and lynched immediately on the following two days due to the strength of the argument NeilOnnsu and fishnchips had managed to put together, leading to a 24-hour long Day 4 and a mere 12-hour long Day 5.
Mafia Game 77 September 6, 2012 Vanilla Townie Endgamed Mafia win NeilOnnsu failed to identify a highly skilled Mafia pair, willwang123 and xantho, who managed to pick off both Town power roles and divert suspicion throughout the entire game, resulting in NeilOnnsu's very first loss as Town and marking the beginning of NeilOnnsu's tendency to lose when playing as a Town member in a Newbie game.
Mafia Game 80 December 25, 2012 Mafia Rolecop Killed Night 2 Serial Killer win NeilOnnsu has a very hazy memory of this game because he was killed off early in Night 2 and he stopped following the game after that. Looking back on it, his Mafia scumbuddies went on to perform admirably, coming extremely close to winning if it had not been for xantho's Serial Killer performance.
Mafia Game 96 December 23, 2013 Vanilla Townie Killed Night 3 Mafia win This marked NeilOnnsu's official return to the Mafia forum. xantho and jeremylu proved too strong of a scum pair for Town to handle; although NeilOnnsu managed to deduce that xantho was scum towards the very end of the game, the game fizzled out due to inactivity and NeilOnnsu lacked sufficient evidence to convince anyone of xantho's guilt.
Mafia Game 99 April 12, 2014 Town Cop Killed Night 2 Mafia win This marked NeilOnnsu's first and only game so far as an actual Town Power Role. He suspected all the wrong people and was killed off early by the Mafia, who went on to fool Town successfully.
Mafia Game 101 April 15, 2014 Vanilla Townie Survived Town win This marked NeilOnnsu's first win in a Newbie game with a standard setup. When the apparent Village Idiot lynch turned out to be a lynch on Mafia, NeilOnnsu was very inactive afterwards (though he was completely convinced that knittingfrenzy18 was Mafia), only coming out at the very end of the day to analyze scum relationships with the technique he had established in Mafia Game 68. He came to the conclusion that Mafia had to be one of three remaining people, one of which was knittingfrenzy18, the other one of which was at L-1 at the deadline; naturally, he hammered, resulting in an win that was surprising for everyone except an unexpectedly capable jeremylu.
Mafia Game 103 September 2, 2014 Vanilla Townie Killed Night 1 Mafia win NeilOnnsu failed to identify Mafia and failed to impart the Newbies with a sense of wisdom before his early and untimely death, resulting in a Mafia victory.
Mafia Game 105 November 18, 2014 Mafia Godfather Survived Mafia win NeilOnnsu was ecstatic to play as Mafia in a Mini once more, bringing back fond memories of his first ever Mafia game. His faction successfully led every lynch in the game and took out several Power Roles at night, resulting in a smooth victory, though NeilOnnsu must admit that he and his scumbuddies were very fortunate in a variety of ways in securing that win.
Mafia Game 106 October 26, 2014 Vanilla Townie Killed Night 2 Town win NeilOnnsu was extremely inactive during Day 1 of the game; thankfully, due to the efforts of RTG and some other strong Newbie players, a Mafia member was successfully lynched. Day 2, NeilOnnsu employed for a third time his technique of analyzing relationships between the deceased Mafia member, eventually narrowing down the suspect list for the remaining Mafia member to three players, made all the more credible by the fact that one of those suspects was himself. He led a lynch on one of those suspects, which turned out to be a mistake. The third suspect ended up killing NeilOnnsu, leaving himself as the only likely candidate for Mafia, especially after a Cop report incriminated him.
Mafia Game 110 June 12, 2015 Mafia Goon Survived Mafia win NeilOnnsu must admit that this was the least deserved win of his entire career as Mafia. Although he and his scumbuddy (both being replacements) began the game strong, both fell to inactivity and came under heavy fire and only managed to win by taking out the active players and letting the game succumb to inactivity, resulting in a no-lynch at LyLo.

Modded GamesEdit

These are games in which NeilOnnsu has either helped to moderate or comoderate.

Game Name End Date Role Result Notes
Mafia Game 79 January 1, 2013 Moderator Mod abandoned This was NeilOnnsu's first attempt at modding a game, a Mini (in those days, one's first modded game had to be a Mini), in hopes of gaining IC-ship. NeilOnnsu had an interesting setup in which certain players' powers were "paired," and their powers were dependent on whether or not the player they were paired with was still alive. The game was subtitled "Villain Mafia" because the flavor involved Town as villains from various books and Mafia as the books' protagonists. Unfortunately, real life caught up to me, and I regret to say that I abandoned the game, marking the beginning of my year-long hiatus from forum Mafia.
Mafia Game 97 January 19, 2014 Moderator Mafia win This was NeilOnnsu's first successful attempt at modding a game, as part of a reawakening of the Mafia forum coordinated alongside willwang123. This was also the first game of several currently active members of the Mafia community, a few of which would go on to advance in status. It was a Newbie game that utilized the newly implemented Matrix6 setup. Although Jailkeeper xantho's efforts to bring down genesis2, the Mafia Roleblocker, were valiant, fz0718, the Mafia Goon, ended up evading suspicion throughout the rest of the game based on instructions left behind by genesis2, securing a victory.
Mafia Game 98 March 1, 2014 Moderator Town win This was NeilOnnsu's second attempt at a custom Mini setup, which turned out to be much more successful than the first. He introduced a special mechanic to the chess-themed game by assigning each player to a piece and giving them a choice on squares to land, whereupon they could target only those within range of their chess piece. He also had a hidden mechanic working behind the scenes in which apparent Vanilla Townies, or Pawns, could be promoted to roles of the dead. Town conducted some impressive scumhunting, and despite gerenjie's lauded efforts as the Mafia Godfather, he was finally lynched on Day 6 after his partners fdas and iPro had been lynched as well, giving Town the win.
Mafia Game 102 July 4, 2014 Moderator Town win This was NeilOnnsu's first attempt at modding one of his favorite setups, the C9++ semi-open setup, and the flavor was drawn from one of his all-time favorite book series, A Series of Unfortunate Events. gerenjie, once again playing as Mafia Godfather with fdas as one of his partners, was killed by iPro the way-too-obvious Vigilante early on. fdas soon ended up lynched, while kev2010, the final Mafia member, made a significant blunder that resulted in his death as well.
Mafia Game 104 August 28, 2014 Moderator Town win This was the second Newbie game modded by NeilOnnsu. Two strong SEs, genesis2 and jeremylu, managed to expose the third SE, dragon55, as Mafia quickly in Day 1. genesis2 was protected from a Night kill Night 1, and dragon55's clueless Newbie Mafia member could not survive the onslaught of the next Day, resulting in a flawless victory for Town.
Mafia Game 109 May 16, 2015 Moderator Town win This was NeilOnnsu's first attempt at modding a Large game. With 17 players, NeilOnnsu designed a setup in which Town was composed entirely of Vanilla Townies, facing off against a Mafia of four and a 1-Shot Bulletproof Serial Killer. Town's edge came from Objects, a mechanic in which power normally granted to Power Roles could and must be passed around Nightly, introducing an additional element of strategy in the game. A Mafia member was identified early on by knittingfrenzy18's efforts, while the Serial Killer picked off two more Mafia members until fdas finally asked himself, "Who is actually acting scummy?" and led a lynch on the answers.

Negligible GamesEdit

These are games in which NeilOnnsu has participated, to a degree which it cannot be counted as a "completed game."

Game Name End Date Role Fate Result Notes
Mafia Game 76 July 27, 2012 Jailkeeper?


Cult Game-Maker???

Lynched by a single vote Day 2 ??? This was a Hunger Games-themed BM game modded by Binomial-theorem. NeilOnnsu was never quite sure exactly what happened in this game due to its trollness.
Mafia Game 78 October 30, 2012 Mafia Usurper Killed Night 2 Player abandoned This was a custom setup in which NeilOnnsu's win condition was to was to win with Mafia, but also ensure the death of the Mafia Godfather. NeilOnnsu decided to reveal this part of his win condition right off the bat, devising a plan in which Mafia members would lead a lynch against the Mafia Godfather, thus fulfilling his win condition but also diverting suspicion away from him and his partners. Unfortunately for Mafia, NeilOnnsu was killed that very Night when a Vigilante action was redirected onto him. The game ended up being abandoned due to inactivity.
Mafia Game 83 January 10, 2013 Mafia Knife Hurler Replaced Cult win This was a mildly BM sequel to Mafia Game 76. NeilOnnsu may have had high hopes going into this game, but he was forced to abandon it due to real life.
Mafia Game 94 September 21, 2013 Mafia Lynched Day 2 Player abandoned NeilOnnsu replaced xantho in this game only to find that a Newbie Cop had previously investigated xantho and gotten a Guilty result. NeilOnnsu tried to make the best of this situation, recognizing that his scumbuddies were fairly competent, by calmly claiming Doctor, knowing that most would expect him to claim Vanilla Townie or Cop, thus fishing out the actual Doctor for his scumbuddies to kill. Of course, he ended up lynched, anyway, and the game eventually died due to inactivity.