pandabear10 is a current SE in the Mafia! Forum.

Completed Games Edit

Game Name Role Fate Result Notes
Mafia Game 113 Mafia Goon Survived Win pandabear10's first game. He managed to convince one of the current IC's, zmann27, that he was town based on his sheer activity level. Perfect win with roseylily.
Mafia Game 115 1-Shot BP Townie Survived Loss pandabear10's first town game, and first town PR game. Towards LyLo, pandabear10 fake-claimed Doctor, given that he wouldn't conterclaim himself, and based on the setup, no one could know he wasn't telling the truth. By doing this, he hoped to draw the Mafia's claim, but they managed to determine the truth anyway.
Mafia Game 118 Vanilla Townie Survived Win pandabear10's only town win, and, in his opinion, his best game. He had a gut feeling on blep, a scum player, early, and, with bestwillcui and zmann27, lynched blep. This essentially confirmed the three players. gerenjie also helped, but in a way that could have been a risky scum move, but for the most part, he was perceived town. After hwl0304 claimed Tracker, it was all over with way too many confirmed townies.
Mafia Game 119 Vanilla Townie NK'd Night 3 Loss Possible pandabear10's worst game. Town got lucky lynching two of the Mafia (one via modkill) on the first two days. Then pandabear10 jobbed by asking relay400 questions about his role PM, which he shouldn't have done anyway, and then lynching relay400 anyway. He got NK'd after that.
Mafia Game 125 1-Shot BP Townie Survived(?) Loss This game was close to a win by town. ShineBunny was acting scummy so he was lynched D1, however, he turned out to be the fool. The next two days saw two Mafia die, e_is_cool, and gimbob, the latter to a modkill. A few days passed without finding any more mafia, and eventually, pandabear10 turned into a zombie.