phi_ftw1618 is an SE in the mafia forum. And other stuff. He is decent at mafia, apparently.

Playing Since sometime in 2015
Status SE
Number of Completed Games 5
Number of Modded Games 0
Game Record 3-2
Quotable "pandabear10 still owes me $10."

Games Played Edit

Game Number Role Fate Result Notes
Mafia Game 114 Vanilla Townie Survived to endgame D7 Loss phi was very clueless this game :P

He replaced in D5.

Mafia Game 116 Mafia Roleblocker Survived to endgame D3 Win This was the first full game for him.
Mafia Game 119 Mafia Godfather Survived to endgame D5 Win Both of phi's partners were dead by Night 2. Other than that, this was a normal game. He replaced in D1.
Mafia Game 120 1-Shot BP Mason Survived to endgame D6 Win Partnered with relay400, phi replaced in D5. He somehow managed to find scum.
Mafia Game 125 Town Cop Killed N1 Loss phi dies immediately. And not even because he seemed like PR, but because he was 'dangerous'.
Mafia Game 127 Mentor to a VT Survived to endgame D3 Loss this game barely even counts lmao although relay kinda threw the game for town by making too many attacks and allowing a quickhammer

Other Notes Edit

idk what to put here but you guys can put things about my play here

in all likelihood this is going to be filled with random useless stuff but whatever

phi is pro, proof trivial -summit