Playing Since June 2014
Status SE, Forum Mod
Number of Completed Games 6
Number of Modded Games 1

RTG replaced into 102 as his first game in 2014. He is a forum mod and usually is an active Mafia player.

Past GamesEdit

Completed GamesEdit

These are games in which RTG has participated as a player and thoroughly completed.

Game Name End Date Role Fate Result Notes
Mafia Game 102 July 4th, 2014 Town Doctor Survived Town win This was RTG's first game. He had a new set of eyes when he replaced in and found that fdas, with the help of iPro, was scum. The next day, kev2010 slipped up with his roleclaim, and this made it an easy lynch for a town win.
Mafia Game 105 November 18th, 2014 Mafia Roleblocker Survived Mafia win This was the first game as mafia for RTG, as well as this was the first game that he started as well. In a game of 'luck' for mafia, they were able to secure a perfect win.
Mafia Game 106 October 26th, 2014 Vanilla Townie Killed N1 Town win In this game, RTG replaced in early and was able to fish out ShineBunny as mafia D1. He was soon killed that night, but through a cop claim by aroodman D3, town was able to secure a victory with lynching genesis2.
Mafia Game 108 January 21st, 2015 Vanilla Townie Survived Town win In this game, all the newbies sheeped on RTG. Every opinion that RTG said was pretty much fact to the newbies. Therefore, he controlled most of the lynches with legolego, then xantho, and finally lykarg44. Luckily for town, both xantho and lykarg44 were the mafia.
Mafia Game 109 May 16th, 2015 Vanilla Townie Killed N2 Town win This game had interesting mechanics. Items could be passed to other players and all of them had a special power. RTG was able to use two of the items during N2, but he was killed that night so he wasn't able to reveal what he did. fdas really seemed to lead town after that, and the SK really helped out in killing 5 scum in 4 days.
Mafia Game 116 March 28th, 2016 Vanilla Townie Survived Mafia win This was the first game that RTG played after his 6 month leave from the forum. Although he was not very pleased with his play, it didn't help him at all with all of town becoming inactive. He also did not read up much on the meta of new players like pandabear10 and phi_ftw1618. On Day 3, RTG nearly nailed the mafia, but then gimbob replaced an inactive player. He got to two votes while RTG was on V/LA and the other mafia would have had time to quickhammer for the win. But the mafia didn't quickhammer convincing RTG that gimbob was mafia.

Modded GamesEdit

These are games in which RTG been a moderator.

Game Name End Date Role Result Notes
Mafia Game 107 March 14th, 2015 Comoderator Mafia win genesis2 was very inactive for a moderator during this game although he was able to post end of day and beginning of day posts. Therefore, it was a really interesting comoderating job for RTG. Also, this game had the two most experienced players as mafia which pretty much doomed town from the start.
Mafia Game 119 ??? Moderator Mafia Win In progress