Red's Mason Bluff is a ploy of true reverse psychology first used to convincing success by knittingfrenzy18 in Mafia Game 105.

Original Appearance Edit

In Game 105, knittingfrenzy18 played as mason with one partner, jeremylu. Near the beginning of the game, she advertised the fact that she could not read the mafiascum wiki due to parental restrictions, thus playing in ignorance of the setup (C9++), but the moderator of the game failed to supply her with adequate setup information.

After jeremylu was killed Night 1 and flipped mason, knittingfrenzy18 used the role reveal as both a bluff to ignorance and another call for setup information

"There's masons in this setup? dang wait people still have not correctly told me about the setup. Isn't a randomized setup? How many masons are possible? // Eh, that was an obvious kill since everyone thought jeremy was pretty towny."[1]

As the game progressed, knittingfrenzy18 continued to drop 'tells' that she was ignorant of any roles, including the remaining mason(s) (in fact, to the neutral eye, there could be either one or two masons left), both before and after finally getting information about how the setup worked.

"And, as an obvious note, we should look into relations with both iPro and jeremy (not so much the latter as the former) from all players."[1]
"On another note, I don't think it's particularly beneficial to town to find masons unless they're recruiting (are they?); in fact, isn't it pretty detrimental? fz demonstrates there's either two pairs of 2, 3, or 2. So if the first case, the other pair should be left alone and the last is a good rc for later, if 3, leave them aloneeee because discussion of who they are would probably help scum, if 2, well, useless role left/good rc for later."[2]
"Also, because of the letters already used up, we cannot actually have CCCCC or MMMMM. That means we have either a cop living, or no cops left, or 1 mason or 2 masons left."[3]

By Night 3, no mafia had been killed, and the night kill would set up LYLO. In LYLO, the remaining mason would be a valuable asset to town as a roleclaimed clear; thus, mafia did aim to find and kill the mason, but they had no idea who it would be. knittingfrenzy18 had successfully convinced NeilOnnsu, at least, that the remaining mason could be anybody but her, due to her bluffing.

Unfortunately, knittingfrenzy18 was killed anyways, not for being mason, but because she had started to suspect some of the mafia, and one of the mafia members thought she could be the doctor.[4]

Notes on Quoting/Using Edit

The Bluff is an example of successful reverse psychology. knittingfrenzy18 used it to convincingly deny she was a certain power role.

The Bluff is quotable when players drop tells that seem to point to them either being or not being some role, or seeming ignorant of the setup. By remembering the Bluff, one cannot take these tells seriously, as they dissolve into WIFOM.

Although knittingfrenzy18 did use it succesfully in Game 105, it's not necessarily a universally good strategy for power roles to use. If possible, power roles should generally try to subtly communicate to the observant that they're a power role. In the case of an orphaned mason with no power left, it was a good ploy.

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