Welcome to the Thundius exhibit of the AoPS Mafia museum: A dialogue Edit

The crowd at the free-ticket day of the AoPS museum was coming to the "Possible Future Greats" section, and came upon the Thundius exhibit. The crowd of 2 came to listen to the tour guide, who felt insulted for being demoted from the fdas exhibit, to a mere newbie. But, he started on his talk:

"Thundius is a newbie that debuted in Newbie Game 49, or Mafia Game 131.

He has no notability whatsoever, and not even a distinctive quote.

He likes probability used in Mafia.

Thank you for listening. "

Then, a man in a sombrero and leather jacket came in. His name tag said Thundius, and the crowd (of 2 people) asked him what the game was like. He only said three sentence:

"I didn't understand RVS D1, I was a doctor who got roleblocked the entire time, but I voted for a scum early, lasting me until the endgame. I claimed doctor against a fakeclaiming townie, and the cop (e_is_cool) claimed the next day and saved us. I think I did mediocre well, not being a complete idiot."

The End