In Mafia Game 122, FlakeLCR/relay400 was the Cop and beanielove2/e_is_cool was the Doctor.

relay400 claimed cop, and his claim was believed by town.

He cleared beanie as town, as well as zmann27.

Then yamyamx2 suggested to have people claim VT to find the doctor.

e_is_cool then fakeclaimed VT, leading fdas to assume that herpnerp (VT, and also inactive) was the doctor. fdas thought that if he fakeclaimed doctor, then herpnerp would have no credibility when he came back. fdas thus claimed doc. e_is_cool then came back with the real doc claim, and since relay400 had confirmed e_is_cool as town, fdas was lynched (and subsequently flipped Mafia Roleblocker) for a town win.